The village of Ropsley has a population of approximately 808.  It is situated in rolling countryside close to the A52 approximately five miles east of Grantham.  The area is almost all arable farmland growing crops from barley to oilseed rape.  There are a number of disused quarries nearby.
The Ropsley area has a wide variety of wildlife and there are several walks through traditional English woodland and countryside.  It is also the location of the source of the River East Glen or River Eden.  Half a mile south east of Ropsley are the remains of an unusual 300 years old ring dam once used as a sheep-wash and now identified by a group of trees.  Blue brickwork that formed the sheep-wash can still be seen.
The church dominates the view when you enter the village.  The stone church of St. Peter dates back to Norman times.   Some parts of the church appear also to be of Anglo Saxon origin.  The building dates back to at least 1380.
Ropsley has a range of services and facilities including a primary school, two public houses, a village hall, basketball, football and cricket pitches and a golf course on the outskirts of the village.
The first school was built in 1717 and endowed by James Thompson.  This was rebuilt around 1805 and replaced in 1874 by an enlarged public elementary school housing 140 students in two classrooms. A large infant classroom, now the school hall, was added in 1895. The current school caters for approximately 100 children, has its own wildlife area, bell tower and a hall.
Ropsley was the birthplace of Richard Fox (1448-1528), the Tudor Bishop who endowed the Grammar School in Grantham, attended by Sir Isaac Newton, and founded Corpus Christi College, Oxford. For more information on Bishop Richard Fox see the Braceby village website or the Bishop Richard Fox ink below.
There are two war memorials on Ropsley village green. Both are constructed in pink marble with gold lettering. Additional information is available on the links below.
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